January greets us with a New Year. Even though we do about the same things every year, this year we are praying to God that He uses the things we normally do, in addition to new things that He has in store for us; to grow our Student Ministry and Church. We are asking Him, through prayer, that He will grow our physical numbers. More importantly, we are asking Him to grow us spiritually and closer to His Son, Jesus Christ. I am asking for your help with those prayers as 2019 begins, let us focus on God and His will for ourselves, our families, our church building, and the Great Commission.

Beginning on Sunday, January 6th, 2019, we will return to our study in the latter half of the Book of Genesis during Sunday School. Our material gives daily devotions as well as the lesson for Sunday Mornings. We also provide Pop Tarts and drinks each Sunday for breakfast. We begin our study at 9:45 AM. Please encourage the youth you know to attend Sunday School and learn more about the early beginnings of God's Plan of Redemption, even in the Book of Genesis.

On Wednesday nights, starting back on the 9th, we will continue to study those important things in life that we should be focused on to be Disciples of Jesus. We provide a small meal each week. There is fellowship time to play games and get to know each other. All provided in a comfortable and welcoming environment.

Here are some events that we have coming up this month

January 2019





No Church. Happy New Year.


01/07/2019 @ 6:30-9:00 PM

Christmas Decor Take Down

Location: Youth Areas

01/13/2019 after church

Hamburger Fundraiser

Annex, After Church


Student Camp Deposit Due

$30.00 "I'm Going" Deposit (Click to Pay Online)